What kind of equipment do firefighters use?

Answer Firefighters use a variety of everyday and specialty equipment to fight fires. This includes tools for detecting fires, gear and clothing to protect themselves from injury, communication devices an... Read More »

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What kind of gear do firefighters wear?

Firefighting, or turnout gear, provides the protection a firefighter needs on the job. These clothes and gear are heat resistant, waterproof and sturdy. They are also designed to be easily donned w... Read More »

What kind of equipment does a dentist use?

Dentists makes use of a variety of powered and manual tools to perform checkups, surgeries and other services for their patients.Protective GearBefore inspecting their patients, dentists might shie... Read More »

What kind of equipment does the US Air Force use?

Jets, planes, helicopters, trucks, jeeps, and fire extinguishers.

What kind of equipment is needed for photography?

On One Hand: Compact CamerasCompact digital cameras grow in sophistication and quality with each new generation, offering the photographer many technical options. In addition to being lightweight, ... Read More »