What kind of environments do preschool teachers work in?

Answer Teaching preschool can be very stressfull. The number of students depends of the state requirements. For 4 year olds it's usually 10 kids to 1 adult. Most classrooms have up to 20 kids with one ... Read More »

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What Kind of Environments Do Crickets Live In?

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How to Recognize the Impact of Technology & Communication on Work & School Environments?

Technology is rapidly advancing, as is its use in workplaces and schools across the world. Any new technology impacts the environment into which it is introduced. These impacts can be minor or majo... Read More »

What would you do(preschool teachers)?

Skates, you've asked 4 questions to complete strangers that suggest you're not handling your classroom very well. You need to solve the problem at school, involving the principal if necessary.