What kind of environment do reptiles live in?

Answer Reptiles are extremely adaptable and can and do live in a variety of environments. However, they are more comfortable in warm climates so more reptiles are found in the temperate zones of the earth... Read More »

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What kind of reptiles can be caged together?

It is not advisable to house different species of reptiles together. Each species has its own requirements, and so even closely related species may not be able to live together. It is acceptable to... Read More »

What kind of reptiles can be kept with leopard geckos?

In general, it is not a good idea to mix leopard geckos with other reptiles as fighting can occur. In addition, different species of reptiles have different habitat needs. It is also not advisable ... Read More »

Live Plants for Reptiles?

Plants growing in reptile cages add ambience to the enclosure. Some of the plants that can grow inside a reptile cage are tropical, while others are more suited to northern climates. It is importan... Read More »

Do reptiles live in groups?

There are some groups of reptiles that live alone and others that do not. While most snakes and turtles live alone, many species of the lizard family live in small groups and large colonies. Alliga... Read More »