What kind of engineer designs cars?

Answer Engineers form the largest group of professionals in the motor vehicle and parts manufacturing industry, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Engineers are necessary through all ... Read More »

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What Kind of Braided Hair Designs Are for Men?

Braided hairstyles originated in sub-Saharan Africa centuries ago. The style of braid conveyed much crucial information such as the age, family, religion and ethnicity of the man wearing it. Though... Read More »

What kind of jobs can a computer engineer get with NASA?

What kind of jobs an electonics engineer can get in NASA?

The space shuttle lands in either Edwards airforce base in California or Kennedy Space center in Florida (near coconut beach). The hub and control center for NASA is in Houston, TX. Hence the comme... Read More »

What kind of engineer works with solar&wind power?

Many types of engineers are needed in solar and wind power jobs. Chief among them are wind turbine engineers and solar power engineers. However, traditional electrical engineers are also needed to ... Read More »