What kind of engine oil is required for tractors?

Answer On One Hand: For a diesel tractorThe American Petroleum Institute provides performance designations to help pick the most suitable engine oil. Oil for diesel engines start with a "C." Current, vali... Read More »

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How much force is required to turn a rebuilt engine?

Approximately 10 to 20 ft./lbs. of force is typically required to turn an engine over by hand with all the spark plugs removed, depending on the finish of the cylinder walls. Only do this by turni... Read More »

Required Tools for an Engine Mount Replacement?

The motor mounts in your car secure the engine and keep it from moving while you're driving. On rear-wheel drive cars, you will find the motor mounts on both sides of the engine, between the engine... Read More »

What kind of classes are required to be a paralegal?

The paralegal profession can lead to great rewards and job satisfaction; CNN Money lists it as 36 out of 100 for the overall most desirable jobs for 2009. There are many roads you can take to becom... Read More »

What kind of oil is required for tecumseh engines?

TecumsehPower recommends using a high-quality detergent oil or a synthetic oil in its engines. Check the operator's manual and the unit's identification decal for specific oil recommendations for y... Read More »