What kind of energy is used in burning wood?

Answer Burning wood converts its matter into a type of kinetic energy called thermal energy. As wood is heated, the molecules of which it consists increase in random movement, which raises the overall lev... Read More »

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What kind of stovepipe should be used for wood-burning stoves?

According to the National Ag Safety Database, heavy-gauge stovepipe should be used in most wood stove installations. It is recommended to use 24-gauge pipe. A minimum 18-inch clearance must be main... Read More »

Is it safe to install a wood-burning insert into a zero-clearance wood-burning fireplace?

According to, you can install a wood-burning insert into a metal (zero-clearance) fireplace, but you have to make sure that the insert is compatible with your type of fireplace. It is da... Read More »

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Which is hotter: a burning furnace or burning wood?

An industrial hardening furnace can easily reach temperatures of 2500 degrees Fahrenheit. Wood ignites at 374 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, with decayed wood igniting at lower temperatures. Therefore,... Read More »