What kind of energy is a green plant?

Answer nuclear energy

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Some ovens use electricity converted into heat energy to cook food what kind of non electric energy use?

What kind of energy resource is coal energy?

Coal, like other fossil fuels, is a nonrenewable energy source, according to the Energy Information Administration. Coal is nonrenewable because it takes millions of years to form from plant matter... Read More »

How much energy do green plants use from the sun?

About one billionth of the sun's energy hits the earth. Approximately 7 percent of the amount striking the earth reaches green plants, and 2 percent of that is used in photosynthesis. Using simple ... Read More »

About Magnetic Green Energy?

As more Americans learn about global climate change and their own carbon footprints on planet Earth, there is more emphasis on searching for cleaner ways of generating energy. Magnetic green energy... Read More »