What kind of effect can become of a full-term pregnancy with an IUD in place?

Answer Answer If you go to full term the IUD will probably come out when the baby is delivered.

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How long do you test positive after a full term pregnancy?

sounds like somebodys eggo is preggo! You lucky lady! Hubby and I decided not to go on BC but to try for our second right away. Anyways im like 9 weeks PP and took a test a week ago (8 weeks PP) an... Read More »

What is the long term effect of phenobarbitone?

Sometimes infants are born with oily skin because they are still influenced by the mother's hormones. This and any accompanying "baby acne" should go away on its own, but if it persists, you should... Read More »

Can you receive short term or long term disability for pregnancy if you doctor puts you on light duty but your employer cannot accommodate this light duty or any other job at the company?

Most likely, yes. File a claim and have your doctor complete the Attending Physician's statement as well as your specific limitations and restrictions. Then have your employer provide you something... Read More »

What is full term of CIA?