What kind of drug is darvocet?

Answer Darvocet is a combination analgesic medication, containing the opioid pain reliever propoxyphene along with acetaminophen. Darvocet is available as a tablet in several combinations of propoxyphene ... Read More »

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What kind of drug is an emetic?

i want to know what kind of a drug an emetic is?

What kind of drug is Bactroban?

Bactroban (mupirocin) is a medicine that has been specially designed for the treatment of impetigo and some other skin infections caused by bacteria. It will not be efficient for fungal or viral in... Read More »

What kind of drug is this?

there are now three families of AIDS drugs: nucleosides, NNRTIs, and protease inhibitors

What kind of drug is Special K?

Special K is a slang term for ketamine hydrochloride. Ketamine hydrochloride is commonly used as an animal tranquilizer, but due to its hallucinogenic properties it has experienced popularity for r... Read More »