Whats a good way to cure sore throats?

Answer Other then your common medicine. Honey-Lemon Tea. Don't talk at all.

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Is cayenne pepper good for sore throats?

On One Hand: People Have Used It for Thousands of YearsHerbalists and healers have prescribed a tea made from ground cayenne pepper and hot water to help relieve sore throats for thousands of years... Read More »

What do you find are good ways to treat sore throats for kids?

Never give aspirin or alcohol that is not medicinal in nature to young children (unless in cough syrup for children as it is all measured), especially if they are drowsy, tired, etc.Otherwise some ... Read More »

Why do I keep getting sore throats almost every day?

Go to your doctor. We can't really give you an answer it could be many different things.

Cures for sore throats?

A couple of easy things I do is either :Take sorethoat medicineorGurgle salt water a couple of timesor Eat a teaspoon of honeyAlthough the honey might taste terrible to some people (like me EWW) it... Read More »