What is the scientific name for the American wild turkey?

Answer The American wild turkey belongs to the family Phasianidae, a group that also contains partridges, grouses and quails. Its scientific name is Meleagris gallopavo. According to the Cornell Lab of Or... Read More »

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How to Cook a Wild Turkey?

Wild turkeys are not quite the same as the fresh or frozen turkey you would find ready-to-cook at your local grocery store or butcher. The breasts will be smaller, since the bird has not been fille... Read More »

If you could drink only 1 kind of alcoholic drink when u go out, regardless of price, what would you choose?

Wow.. the answer Irina_C gave you is exactly the same answer I gave to "yer_daddy" 4 weeks ago when he asked the question "Bartenders - What is your best drink?" (for entertaining crowds at your ho... Read More »

Wild Turkey Cooking Tips?

Some hunters and food enthusiasts prefer to cook a wild turkey than the standard grocery store Butterball. Although a wild turkey is similar to a domesticated bird, you will need to approach cookin... Read More »

Does a female wild turkey sit on eggs all day?

Female wild turkeys lay 10 to 12 eggs over a period of about two weeks. After the last egg is laid, she begins sitting on the eggs constantly to incubate them. She sits of the eggs for 26 to 28 day... Read More »