What kind of downloads or uploads are illegal exactly?

Answer Materials (media and software) covered by copyright laws;  unless you're the owner of the copyright, or have the written permission of the copyright owner to distribute.  It's pretty simple, real... Read More »

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Talking of uploads/downloads?

Try instead of the one you did. When performing a speed test, make sure that there is no other network activity (don't surf or download anything, and if you're sharing your... Read More »

How to Open FTP Files on Mac After Downloads & Uploads?

FTP, or File Transfer Protocol, is a common method for sharing and downloading files over the Internet. You can recognize an FTP address on the Web when it begins with "ftp://" instead of "http://"... Read More »

Illegal software and music downloads , what is your opinion ?

If you are tempted to steal....Get Linux and stay out of jail.

What Is the Music Industry Doing to Stop Illegal Downloads?

The Internet has allowed more varied music to become more accessible, but this is coupled with illegal file sharing and downloading becoming easier and seemingly risk-free. However, illegal downloa... Read More »