What kind of dogs are good for children with allergies?

Answer According to the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, 10 percent of people may be allergic to animals. If you are in this group and think man's best friend will have to be someone el... Read More »

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Are Maltese dogs good for people with Pet allergies?

YES Maltese are AMAZING for people with allergies. I have severe pet allergies and have a maltese--that causes no allergic reactions at all. Maltese are good for those with allergies for two reason... Read More »

Are Italian Greyhounds good dogs to have if your child has asthma and allergies?

AnswerI have asthma and ive got a grayhound called sparcky!It's not the fur, but the pet dander that causes the reaction to asthma and allergies sufferes. Italian Greyhounds are hyper and great run... Read More »

Are Rottweiler dogs good with children?

On One Hand: Loyal and SmartRottweilers are very intelligent and loyal companions. Rottweilers can even act like clowns when around family and friends, according to the American Kennel Club. A soci... Read More »

Miniature Dogs That Are Good Around Children?

For many a child, the ultimate dream is to have a companion dog to care for and love. It is always important to thoroughly research breeds before deciding which dog to get, because some breeds are ... Read More »