How do you like your spuds cooked?

Answer chipsroastedmashed with loads of butterchipsjacket potatoboiled new potatoespotato saladchips

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What breed of dog is Spuds MacKenzie?

Spuds MacKenzie was an English bull terrier. The dog first starred in a television commercial for Bud Light beer during the 1987 Super Bowl and continued to appear in similar advertisements until 1... Read More »

When boiling spuds what can you add to the water to improve the taste?

Are the spuds being served as a side, or are they going to be used as part of a recipe? As a side, add a little salt. If they are being used for something like mashed potatoes, don't boil them. ... Read More »

Is Ben McKenzie Single?

Yes, he is single =)go for it!!

Where is the mckenzie river?

The McKenzie River, a tributary of the Willamette, is located entirely within the state of Oregon, between Sisters to the east and Springfield to the west. The McKenzie is a whitewater river that o... Read More »