What kind of dog looks like a basset but with normal ears?

Answer A beagle looks very similar to a basset hound, except the beagle has much shorter ears and longer legs. A Basset Artesien Normand looks identical to a basset hound, except this dog has smaller ears... Read More »

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What kind of plant looks like a fern with lace-like leaves?

Protasparagus densiflorus, also called asparagus fern, asparagus fern, foxtail fern and emerald fern, is native to Africa. It is a popular plant in many gardens, but is considered an invasive speci... Read More »

What Kind of Countertop Looks Good With Knotty Pine Cabinets?

Knotty pine cabinets are frequently found in cottages, log cabins and other rustic homes. A wide range of counters can look good with them, either by matching the cabinets' style or by dramatically... Read More »

Fuzzy purple flower growing on a vine it looks kind of like a cats tail?

Chose herbs that thrive in the heat, use lots of mulch, in the south east watch for mildew, in the south west use soaker hoses.

What does this symbol mean on your iPhone it looks like a telephone with somethin like a keyboard unddrr it it is right next to the battery life?

The TTY option is turned on. you can turn it off in the setting>phone>TTY