What kind of dog looks like a basset but with normal ears?

Answer A beagle looks very similar to a basset hound, except the beagle has much shorter ears and longer legs. A Basset Artesien Normand looks identical to a basset hound, except this dog has smaller ears... Read More »

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Is it normal to hear your own heartbeat in your ears while pregnant?

Is head pressure and ringing in the ears normal after a dental procedure?

AnswerNo! You should call the dentist! Make sure that they did not do anything wrong. Good luck to you.

What kind of plant is rabbit ears?

Rabbit ears (Ruttya fruticosa) is an evergreen in the Acanthaceae family. It is an east African plant, and the yellow to dark red flowers have two long, adjacent petals shaped like rabbit ears. The... Read More »

If you have a hole in your tooth is it normal to have symptoms such as your jaw hurts and your ears head neck and tongue are swollen?

Answer Ni it is NOT normal, pain and swelling are NEVER normal. It is probably caused by an infection getting in through the hole in your tooth. If you don't get it treated by a dentist IMMEDIATE... Read More »