What kind of dog is pluto ?

Answer Pluto is the animated dog that was developed by Walt Disney as Mickey's pet. In 1930, he made his first appearance in film as a bloodhound in the The Chain Gang.Source:The Encyclopedia of Disney An... Read More »

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What kind of dog is Disney's Pluto?

Pluto is classified as a bloodhound and is famously known as the sidekick of Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse. His first cartoon appearance was in "The Chain Gang," which aired September 5, 1930.Source:C... Read More »

What kind of dog is Mickey Mouse's dog Pluto?

The very first appearances of a "pet" dog (twice, both closely resembling Bloodhounds) belonging to either Mickey or Minnie Mouse occurred in two 1930 Mickey Mouse cartoons. In 1931 the same dog re... Read More »

Why is pluto called pluto?

Pluto was first observed in 1930, 25 years after the American astronomer Percival Lowell first theorized its existence. Its naming continued a long-established tradition of naming planets after Rom... Read More »

When was pluto the dog first seen?

Pluto's image first appeared in the Mickey Mouse cartoon "The Chain Gang" in 1930, but at the time he did not yet have a name. He first appeared as Mickey Mouse's dog, Pluto, in the 1931 animated f... Read More »