What kind of dog has no bark?

Answer The "barkless dog" is the basenji but, according to Basenji Rescue, this breed is actually capable of barking but rarely does so. Instead, the basenji yodels, squeals, chortles and makes a "baroo"... Read More »

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What kind of trees have white bark?

Trees with white and whitish bark are popular in landscaping because they provide a nice contrast to the many species of trees with brown bark. Several species of white-bark trees have a wide range... Read More »

What Is Pine Bark?

Pine trees have been of great value for centuries. Not only have they provided wood for building and construction, but the pine cones themselves contain seeds that are highly prized for consumption... Read More »

What to Dip in Almond Bark?

Almond bark is one of those foods with a misnomer as a name. It's not the bark of an almond or almond tree. Instead, it's artificial chocolate made with vegetable oils instead of cocoa. The chocola... Read More »

What is catuaba bark?

The catuaba plant originated in South America. Herbal supplement manufacturers use the bark of the catuaba plant in a variety of products, most of which claim to treat erectile dysfunction or incre... Read More »