What kind of dog has no bark?

Answer The "barkless dog" is the basenji but, according to Basenji Rescue, this breed is actually capable of barking but rarely does so. Instead, the basenji yodels, squeals, chortles and makes a "baroo"... Read More »

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What kind of trees have white bark?

Trees with white and whitish bark are popular in landscaping because they provide a nice contrast to the many species of trees with brown bark. Several species of white-bark trees have a wide range... Read More »

How come my dog does not bark?

If you have a good guard dog with a healthy voice, you may sometimes wish this wasn't the case, although barking is protective and useful. However, there are some dogs that either cannot bark, do ... Read More »

How to Train a Dog Not to Bark?

Puppies and dogs can't help barking, simply because they don't know any better. Here is a way to get dogs to stop barking.

What is almond bark?

Everything tastes better in chocolate. Popular for its ease of use, almond bark is an imitation chocolate commonly used as a substitute when dipping foods or making candy.DefinitionAlmond bark, als... Read More »