What kind of doctors help with birth?

Answer Obstetricians and midwives help with the birth; pediatricians take care of the baby after birth.

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Which Doctors in SA JHB will allow you to have a vaginal birth after having 2 c-sections?

if you are 3 weeks pregnant, and your effaced 90% i'd say that you need to go get that checked out? 3 weeks prego means you have ur entire 9 months left to go!! if you go into labor soon, you proba... Read More »

Why do doctors remove the umbilical cord upon birth?

The umbilical cord separates from an infant by itself. Some parents may opt for "lotus birth", in which the entire cord is allowed to dry and separate naturally. Severance by medical personnel only... Read More »

What is the name of the shot that doctors used to numb the pain for women who are giving birth?

How can you tell how far along you are without going to the doctors yet. Are there any kind of side effects that determine your progress?

you can tell by counting the weeks since the first day of your last period. the first day of your last period is when the progress of the baby begins. if you dont know the exact day you can estimat... Read More »