What kind of doctor treats lower back problems?

Answer You might have muscle strain, disc or vertebrae issues, or a low back injury. According to "Anybody's Sports Medicine," the lumbar spine (lower vertebrae) is responsible for more issues than any ot... Read More »

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What is the best medicine for lower back pain Need help from a doctor?

If you keep taking the anti-inflammatory medicines, you are just blocking the body's natural healing mechanisms. It will make you feel better in regard to pain, but will inhibit the healing proces... Read More »

Can a bed cause lower back problems?

On One Hand: No, a bed does not cause lower back issuesPrescribing bed rest for low back pain is common, according to the New England Journal of Medicine. Laying down can take pressure off the spin... Read More »

Lower back problems?

Yes U need to see a doctor. The popping Ur hearing is not normal & my guess is it's a ruptured disc or two. Please remember this. All we do to our bodies (lifting too much) we pay for by feeling... Read More »