What kind of disk do i need?

Answer the best and only DVD NOTE: you need a DVD burner also, you need to make sure to buy the exact model or kind for example your drive:DVD-R disc:DVD-Ryour drive:DVD+R disc:DVD+Ryour drive:DVD+-R disc... Read More »

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What kind of connections do external floppy disk drives use?

While computers of the past may have relied heavily on floppy drive technology, this is no longer the case. The floppy drive has since been replaced by faster, more advanced technologies capable of... Read More »

What kind of power connector does a floppy disk drive typically use?

The power connectors used by both 5.25-inch and 3.5-inch floppy drives are 4-pin connectors. The larger connector--used by 5.25-inch drives--is called a Molex or peripheral cable. This type of cabl... Read More »

What kind of disk should I use to convert video files on my computer to a DVD to watch on a DVD PLayer?

DVD-Ralso important format yiur videomy player support mpeg2 formats, and i use vidcroppro converter

My USB removable disk is, for unknown reason showing the message "Disk is write-protected"....?

There are many sites out there that talk about this problem and ways to fix it. This is just one example:…I've seen people state that removing the USB driv... Read More »