What kind of disc do i need to burn dvd's?

Answer The common DVD player don't support avi format, you should convert your video.You can try Aimersoft DVD converter. It’s quite convenient and humanity. You just need press few click and then can c... Read More »

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What type of disc do I need to burn DVDs?

A DVD-R is the most common type of recordable DVD. It can be recognized by an estimated 90 percent of home DVD players. In addition to being the most recognizable recordable DVD format, the DVD-R i... Read More »

What Kind of CD Do I Use to Burn a Recovery Disc?

A recovery disc is an invaluable tool in the computing world. When a computer is working perfectly, it is all too easy to overlook the need for a disc that contains programs and data needed to get ... Read More »

What do I need to burn DVDs on my computer?

Burning videos and other to DVDs is a fairly simple process and can be done with the right hardware and software. There are a number of software and hardware options available for computer users w... Read More »

What format do DVDs need to be to burn?

A recordable DVD is capable of recording any file format that can be written to any other mass storage medium. However, a video file to be played from a DVD on your set-top DVD player must be burne... Read More »