What's the land before time episode called where a volcano erupts and a huge flying dinosaur saves them?

Answer The Land Before Time VII: The Stone of Cold Fire.

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What kind of dinosaur is BJ from Barney?

What kind of dinosaur is Baby Bop?

Baby Bop, the trusted sidekick in the children's program "Barney and Friends," is a protoceratops, a dinosaur similar to the tricerotops. Protoceratops means "before horns." The protoceratops did n... Read More »

What kind of dinosaur is sue in the chicago museum?

Sue, the dinosaur in Chicago's Field Museum is a Tyrannosaurus Rex, and the best preserved and most complete specimen ever found. The bones were found in South Dakota in 1990. It was named for the ... Read More »

Does a Dinosaur Chase You on the Dinosaur Ride at Disney World?

Dinosaur is an indoor thrill ride in the Animal Kingdom Park at Disney World. While the dinosaurs featured throughout the ride move, they do not actually chase the transport vehicle in which passen... Read More »