What kind of diesel fuel do semi trucks use?

Answer Over-the-road semi tractors with diesel engines use either No. 1 - D or No. 2 - D diesel fuels. The suffix S15 in either grade refers to the maximum amount of sulfur content in parts per million (p... Read More »

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Do all new diesel trucks come with a diesel particulate filter?

In January 2010, the California Air Resources Board enforced new laws to reduce the particulate matter from diesel truck exhaust. Diesel trucks now come with a diesel particulate filter, or must ha... Read More »

Diesel Starting Procedures for Diesel Trucks?

Starting a diesel truck is similar to a gas truck. The only big difference in starting is the use of glow plugs. The truck will require a five-second wait from turning the key to "on" to starting u... Read More »

What size snow chains go on semi trucks?

The size of the snow chains for a semi truck depend on the size of the tire, just like a car. It is important to match the chain size with the tire size as a perfect fit is important. Most semis ha... Read More »

What is the standard dimension for a turnaround for semi trucks?

In the United states, a semi tractor with sleeper and trailer can be as long as 80 feet. To turn around without jackknifing (a turn where the trailer is at right angles to the truck) more room is n... Read More »