What kind of degree is needed for nursing?

Answer Nurses are an indispensable part of the medical field. People who want a career in nursing can pursue different levels of education to achieve their goal.DegreesTo become a nurse, you must earn an ... Read More »

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What Type of Degree is Needed for Nursing?

Nurses are valuable members of society. They assist doctors treating patients in clinics, nursing homes, schools and hospitals. They give exams, administer medication and assist in surgeries. The... Read More »

What kind of degree is needed for photography?

No degree is needed you must have four years of collage! You have to work really hard to get where you want with Photography! Goood! Luck to yas!

The Classes Needed for a Nursing Degree?

To obtain a nursing degree, you must complete an accredited nursing program. All nursing programs cover the core nursing competencies and general education requirements needed for either an associa... Read More »

What Kind of Degree Is Needed to Get Into a Pre-Med Program?

If you have ever wondered what kind of degree is needed to get into a pre-medical program, you're in luck. According to Oregon State University, there is no premedical degree per se --- only academ... Read More »