What kind of degree do you need to be a architect?

Answer Students hoping to become architects will need to earn a degree in one of a variety of fields, including architectural technology, interior architecture, environmental design and residential or urb... Read More »

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What Kind of Degree Does an Architect Need?

Becoming an architect is a technically demanding and highly valued career track. The pay scale is correspondingly respectable, placing many architects in the top 10 percent of the income strata. In... Read More »

What degree do you need to become an architect?

In most states, to become an architect you must have a professional degree from one of 117 architectural schools. These degree programs must also be accredited by the National Architectural Accredi... Read More »

What is an architect degree?

Architects design buildings and other structures. This involves a great amount of detail, including math and science skills. To become an architect, you must first obtain an architectural degree.De... Read More »

What type of bachelor's degree do you need to become an architect?

To become a licensed architect, the best path to take is with a five-year degree program called B.Arch. (Bachelor of Architecture), which qualifies you for the Architect Registration Examination. O... Read More »