What kind of credit score is needed to qualify for a house?

Answer In order to qualify for a home loan, having a FICO score of at least 650 is ideal. The higher the credit score is, the better the interest rates will be on the mortgage. Qualifying scores can vary ... Read More »

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Can I qualify for a VA loan with a 572 credit score?

On One Hand: Credit Score is ImportantAccording to, most banks require a minimum 620 credit score and a clean 12-month history to be approved for a VA loan. There are many derogator... Read More »

I have a credit score of 637. Will I qualify for a private student loan?

You should find one here :…Good luck !

What credit score is needed for good credit card rates?

If you are going by FICO scores, the range is 300 to 850 with the higher the number, the better. Usually, anything over 700 will get you a good credit card rate, and anything below 600 will get you... Read More »

What Credit Score Is Needed to Purchase a Car?

Auto industry veterans have a saying, "there's [a rump] for every seat". Translated, it means there's a car for everyone. The same can be said for auto financing. Whether your credit is excellent, ... Read More »