What kind of cpu+mainboard combo?


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What is a cd-rw/dvd combo?

A CD-RW/DVD combo drive is a single drive designed to burn music and allow users to watch DVD's. Older PC's required separate drives for this feature, but the combo drive allows for multiple uses.C... Read More »

Which combo of CPU + RAM + GPU is better?

The i5 is more than enough for what you will be doing, even though laptops for high school are still mostly entirely unnecessary.

Are there any combo Blu-ray HD DVD VCR players?

It is possible to find a Blu-ray/DVD/VHS combo player. The vast majority of Blu-ray players already play DVDs, and some major manufacturers such as Panasonic and Sony are making Blu-ray/VHS combos.... Read More »

What is the best brand to buy for a lcd tv DVD combo?

That would depend upon what features on an lcd tv DVD combo are most important to you. Brands known for their longevity in the market should be the first ones you consider, and nothing beats first-... Read More »