What kind of courses would I need for something like child care?

Answer It depends on where you live and what the requirements are. Maybe ask your high school counselor?You want to take courses in early childhood development. If in the U.S. many community colleges ha... Read More »

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What Kind of Degree Would a Child Counselor Need?

A counselor who works with children specializes in the unique issues specific to them, with children being defined as those under the age of 12; anyone older -- in their adolescence -- should seek ... Read More »

What r some good 15 bday cake ideas for girls! i need help! i would like something outrageous!?

I have been a cake decorator for about two years and cakes with feathers and diamonds seem quite popular? like burlesque style, not so long ago i made a Gucci shoe cake and a Las Vegas themed cake ... Read More »

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What special care do children with Down syndrome need in a child-care setting?