What kind of cord/adapter do I need to hook my macbook up to an external monitor?

Answer Try removing the cord that is in the monitor and using just the cord that u have hooked up to your Mac. It would be better and easier for u to use HDMI since VGA does not do audio.

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Can you hook an external monitor to a laptop?

An external monitor can be hooked up to your laptop by using a VGA or DVI cable to connect the two devices together. The external monitor can be used as a second monitor or it can be used in place ... Read More »

How to Hook Up a Dell PC to an External Monitor?

You can use the video connection cable that came with your external monitor to hook up a monitor to your Dell PC. External monitors have various video connection types. Common Dell video connection... Read More »

What cords would I need to hook up my Macbook Pro to my TV?

I use a HDMI cord which you can get here: Read More »

Can I hook up a good external monitor to my laptop to watch movies& Internet TV?

Your laptop must support a dual-monitor configuration and the monitor must feature a compatible video-in port in order to hook up an additional monitor for watching movies and Internet TV. Common c... Read More »