What kind of cord do I need to connect my digital video camera to my laptop?

Answer If your windows based laptop has a firewire port, you would connect your video camera this way - otherwise, you'd need to add a firewire port via a cardbus adapter such as this:http://www.adaptec.c... Read More »

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I want to connect my video camera to my laptop- what do I need?

firewire cable is best if camcorder has firewire. cost about £17 from pc world.

I need to your help about digital camera. what kind best company and model of digital camera.?

Canon and Olympus make good cameras for the money.If you want something professional, Canon and Nikon make cameras that are over $1000, but take awesome pictures.For a point and shoot type camera, ... Read More »

Is there a cord I can buy that would connect my laptop and my old TV (RCA, S-video & coax inputs)?

No, there is no such cord.You need to buy a converter and it is really not worth it.

What kind of cord and adapter do i need to hook upmy my laptop 2 my tv ( read details b4 answering)?

You need a VGA to TV adapter. I have one (from the company below) and it works great watching my AVI files. Though regular computing is a little blurry.I am assuming that you have a VGA output on y... Read More »