What kind of container do I drain lawn mower oil into?

Answer Drain lawn mower oil into a reusable, clean, plastic container. Never contaminate the oil by mixing other materials like gasoline or chemicals with it; you cannot recycle contaminated oil. Seal the... Read More »

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How do I drain a lawn mower gas tank?

Let Mower RunStart the lawn mower and allow it to run until the tank is void of all gas. You may want to do this on your final cut of the season.Use a SiphonSiphon the gas if you cannot run the law... Read More »

What Kind of Oil Do I Put in My Ariens Lawn Mower?

Ariens manufactures lawn mowers using engines produced for them by several different manufacturers. It is the engine manufacturer that recommends the oil used and the service interval, rather than ... Read More »

How to Sharpen Lawn Mower Blades on a Commercial Lawn Mower?

Keeping lawnmower blades sharp does more than just cut grass better; it prevents damaging the lawn. Lawnmower blades will obviously become dull over time. Dull blades have a tendency to tear the to... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot a Toro Lawn Mower That Won't Go Into Gear?

Toro lawn mowers have a very ingenious transmission design that not only allows the mowers to be self-propelled but also allows the inside and outside wheels of the mower to turn at different rates... Read More »