What kind of computers can play Blu Ray discs?

Answer Blu-ray Disc, playback is more than a matter of buying a Blu-ray Disc reader, like DVD, but is full of traps, and sticky issues, and isn't anything as simple as Blu-ray Disc Reader companies try to... Read More »

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What Kind of SD Discs for a D50?

A Secured Digital (SD) memory card is a widely used external storage format for many digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) cameras. This allows shooting anywhere from the lowest to the highest image re... Read More »

What do you need to play blu ray discs?

LG glasses are passive polarizing glasses so they should be very cheap. Active glasses, as used by most other manufacturers are somewhat more expensive but prices for active glasses are falling rap... Read More »

What equipment do you need to play Blu-ray discs?

A single-layer disc can hold 25GB.A dual-layer disc can hold 50GB.To ensure that the Blu-ray Disc format is easily extendable (future-proof) it also includes support for multi-layer discs, which sh... Read More »

What kind of format is the digital copy that comes with some blu-ray discs?

Usually one of the following: MPEG-2, H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, and VC-1More information may be found here:…