What kind of compound is sucralose?

Answer Sucralose is a chemical 600 times sweeter than sugar. Sucralose forms when chlorine ions replace three hydroxyl groups from sucrose, the sugar molecule. Sucrose in turn is a carbohydrate formed whe... Read More »

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Is zinc chloride an ionic compound or a molecular compound?

Zinc chloride constitutes an ionic compound because it contains both a metal, zinc ion, and a nonmetal, chloride ion. Molecular compounds, also known as “covalent compounds,” contain only nonme... Read More »

Spackling Compound Vs. Plaster or Drywall Compound for Repairs?

The best material for repairs depends on the extent of the damage to be repaired and the type of material being repaired. A general rule is to make repairs with like materials, but drywall compound... Read More »

Can Sucralose cause gout?

There has been no evidence to suggest that Sucralose causes gout, and there appears to be no link between use of Sucralose, or any other artificial sweetener, and an individual's chances of develop... Read More »

What are the side effects of sucralose?

Sucralose is an artificial sweetener most commonly known as Splenda. Sucralose has zero calories, and is popular in many weight loss diets. Though the artificial sweetener has been determined by th... Read More »