What kind of companies hire computer programmers?

Answer Companies rely on computer programmers to write their software code to take advantage of existing technology and stay ahead of the curve. Programmers simply write new code.Software DevelopersSoftwa... Read More »

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What Tools Do Computer Programmers Use?

Computer programmers write every aspect of any piece of software that makes a computer run, calculate, record, analyze and output data. Approximately 80 percent of the software design process is pe... Read More »

What Are the Duties of Computer Programmers?

Computer programmers design, build and test essential software. The software development life cycle, of which there are many different models, governs the duties of computer programmers to ensure t... Read More »

What Types of Math Do Computer Programmers Use?

Computer programming touches almost every aspect of our lives. Software applications for our computers is commonly thought of when computer programming is mentioned. However, programming of embedde... Read More »

What Companies Hire Convicted Felons in Washington D.C.?

Hiring felons is a way to integrate them back into society after they exit from prison. However, employers are scared to do so for a number of reasons including the potential for further criminal a... Read More »