What kind of clothing do they wear in china?

Answer Clothing styles found in China today reflect the vast country's rich history and its diverse topography and climate, which include subtropical coastal cities, temperate fertile farm areas and somet... Read More »

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What kind of clothing did the Cherokee wear?

The Native American culture known as the Cherokee traditionally wore simple but functional clothing made from skins, furs and other natural materials, adapting to weather changes as needed.Cherokee... Read More »

What kind of clothing do hawaiians wear?

Authentic Hawaiian clothing reflects the beautiful atmosphere of the island. Similar to the paradise that surrounds them, Hawaiians dress for sunny weather and utilize flowing garments when not in ... Read More »

What kind of clothing do cubans wear?

A significant factor influencing the type of clothing Cubans wear is the warm weather typical of this island nation. Etiquette and culture generally allow for garb suitable for the climate.Casual ... Read More »

What kind of clothing do people in Spain wear?

The clothing worn by people in Spain would be considered more formal by American standards. Spain is influenced by European fashion design and so the clothing styles often reflect a classic, elegan... Read More »