What kind of clothes do people in Jordan wear?

Answer Jordan is a country in the Middle East whose borders include Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Palestine. The country has four seasons, with summer being very hot, winter cold, and spring and fall warm... Read More »

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What kind of clothes do people wear in india?

Indian men, particularly those living in urban areas, generally wear western style clothing except for special occasions. But women's attire trends more to the traditional styles, even if accompani... Read More »

Do people from Jordan wear turbans?

Men in Jordan wear kaffiyehs on their heads. This is not a turban, but a rectangular cloth that is folded and then placed over the head. Most men in Jordan wear a kaffiyeh that is red and white, ac... Read More »

What kind of clothes do nurses wear?

Nurses are often recognized by their unique clothing, although the type of attire that they can wear varies depending on their particular specialties, where they work and who their patients are.Scr... Read More »

What kind of clothes did men wear in 1912?

The 1910s was decade of social change and drama. The year 1912 was at the tail end of the elegant Edwardian era, and the world was about to enter the Great War, which later would be known as World ... Read More »