What kind of clothes do japanese women wear?

Answer Westerners tend to imagine the traditional form of Japanese fashion: women dressed in flowing kimonos and geta sandals. But modern Japan has a lot more variety in its fashion than it did 100 years ... Read More »

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What do japanese people wear for clothes?

Japanese fashion is unique in the way it fuses traditional looks with the hottest modern trends. When walking on the streets of Tokyo, you might find a woman dressed in a kimono next to a hipster w... Read More »

What kind of clothes do nurses wear?

Nurses are often recognized by their unique clothing, although the type of attire that they can wear varies depending on their particular specialties, where they work and who their patients are.Scr... Read More »

What kind of clothes did the Colonists wear?

American Colonists wore hand-sewn wool and linen clothing. According to American Centuries Memorial Hall Museum, men and women owned two to four outfits and sometimes wore many undergarments beneat... Read More »

What kind of clothes did the mayans wear?

Much of what archaeologists know of ancient Mayan clothing comes from cloth fragments left behind and pictures of clothing on artifacts like murals, clay figures and sculptures. Foreign invasions e... Read More »