What kind of clothes did they wear in colonial times?

Answer Forget underwear, shorts or bathing suits--in American colonial times, clothing was simple, elastic-free and usually very dirty. Women were prohibited from wearing pants, and no one could dress "ab... Read More »

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Facts on Clothes in Jamestown, Virginia During Colonial Times?

Founded by the London Company in 1607 as "James Fort," Jamestown, Virginia is the first permanent English settlement in the United States. Jamestown, along with Williamsburg and Yorktown, is one o... Read More »

What kind of clothing did a blacksmith wear in the colonial days?

During the 18th century what you wore marked who and what you were in society even more than in today's modern fashion world. A blacksmith was one of the most important craftsmen in every colonial... Read More »

What kind of clothes do italians wear?

Italians wear stylish, high-quality clothing. The Italian word "bella figura" or good image exemplifies the importance Italians place on appearances and first impression. Italians tend to dress sli... Read More »

What kind of clothes did the Colonists wear?

American Colonists wore hand-sewn wool and linen clothing. According to American Centuries Memorial Hall Museum, men and women owned two to four outfits and sometimes wore many undergarments beneat... Read More »