What kind of clothes are in this year?

Answer Forever21, Charlotte Russe, Love Culture, Wetseal, Rue21, and H&M.Whats in? You should just go there and try on a bunch of different styles to see what looks good on you. Not all styles look good o... Read More »

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What kind of clothes did the Colonists wear?

American Colonists wore hand-sewn wool and linen clothing. According to American Centuries Memorial Hall Museum, men and women owned two to four outfits and sometimes wore many undergarments beneat... Read More »

What kind of clothes did men wear in 1912?

The 1910s was decade of social change and drama. The year 1912 was at the tail end of the elegant Edwardian era, and the world was about to enter the Great War, which later would be known as World ... Read More »

What Kind of Clothes Should I Wear After Getting a Tattoo?

Getting your first tattoo can be exciting, but afterwards you have to find appropriate clothing to go with the tattoo. Or perhaps you are inked all over, but you are still wondering which garments ... Read More »

What kind of clothes did pioneers wear?

American Pioneers encountered great hardship, including scarcity of clothing materials. Few stores dotted the frontier landscape, so pioneers fashioned their garments from what they could find in n... Read More »