What kind of cigarettes should i smoke?

Answer I feel my answer is going to be as helpful as the anti smoking crowd telling you not to smoke but it's really up to you to find something you like.

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What brand of cigarettes should I smoke?

Parliaments, or Export "A"if you want a really unique one try More

Should he smoke cigarettes or weed?

fags are bad for you and soon he will wanna smoke more than 4 a day and the health consequences will be bad he's probably addicted from smoking weed with tobacco. If he want's to smoke the weed why... Read More »

I love to smoke but I don't want cancer. Should I start smoking light cigarettes?

Light cigarettes provide NO DECREASE in cancer risk, or in the risk of associated heart disease or vascular disease. As difficult as it is, you should try to quit smoking. There are behavior modifi... Read More »

Of late cigarettes have been making me gag when I smoke 'em, do you think I should quit?

Well cigarettes are naturally harmful. And if your coughing/gagging, its your bodies natural response telling you that its not agreeing with the cigarettes.As far as quiting, I'm a pharmacist and I... Read More »