What kind of chemicals are used to make paper?

Answer Paper-making chemicals include agalite, alum, albarine, ammonium zirconium carbonate, anthraquinone, barium sulfate, caustic lye or soda, different types of chalk, chlorine in several forms, dolomi... Read More »

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What kind of paper is used to make currency?

Most paper currency is printed on special cotton-fiber paper. Watermarks, embedded fibers and security threads are added in the production process.U.S. CurrencyCurrency in the U.S. is printed by Bu... Read More »

What kind of paper is used to make American money?

United States paper currency is produced by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. The paper is specially made for the bureau and is 75 percent cotton and 25 percent linen, with red and blue fibers... Read More »

What Are the Chemicals Used in Cleaning Recycled Paper?

Paper recycling conserves paper, effectively reducing the number of trees cut down to produce paper. The paper recycling process involves the use of several chemicals. These chemicals break down th... Read More »

What kind of chemicals are used to develop film?

Developing film is a simple process in which the exposed film is treated with a series of chemicals to develop and fix an image.What Kind of Film?Specialized chemicals used to develop film will mai... Read More »