What kind of chemicals are used to develop film?

Answer Developing film is a simple process in which the exposed film is treated with a series of chemicals to develop and fix an image.What Kind of Film?Specialized chemicals used to develop film will mai... Read More »

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What kind of chemicals are used to make paper?

Paper-making chemicals include agalite, alum, albarine, ammonium zirconium carbonate, anthraquinone, barium sulfate, caustic lye or soda, different types of chalk, chlorine in several forms, dolomi... Read More »

What Kind Of Camera is Used To Film Little People Big World.?

Actually, they pretended to use that panny. The actually used Sony CineAlta camera - and in post production the film was made to look like it was handheld.â€... Read More »

What Are the Chemicals Used in Cosmetology?

The beauty industry relies heavily on the use of chemicals in the production of cosmetics and cosmetic processes such as hair dying and nail technology. Cosmetologists are trained in the use of che... Read More »

How to Develop X-Ray Film?

X-ray film, also known as radiographic film, consists of a transparent base with a blue tint on both sides and an emulsion of gelatin that contains silver bromide, silver chloride or other radiatio... Read More »