What kind of cars will there be in the future?

Answer Automobile design is constantly undergoing change. The planners and auto makers of today are exploring new concepts in design, engineering, fuel efficiency and alternative propulsion that will like... Read More »

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Will there be glass free 3D TV in the future?

Hopefully, because major 3D TV makers are trying to do it. Recently CES small glasses free 3D TV was presented by Sony.

Will there be 20 Mega Pixel cameras in the future?

Hasselblad have already released a few model which has more than 20 megapixel. The H3D-39 even have 39 megapixel resolution.Canon 1Ds Mark III have 21.1 megapixel resolution. I think up to this poi... Read More »

Is there any kind of an engine blanket to help cars start easier in extreme cold weather?

There are "electric blankets" designed to be spread over the engine compartment (under the hood) and plugged in to an electrical outlet to aid in cold-weather starting. Other alternatives include e... Read More »

Are there any auto wreckers in the Bay Area that will pay for junk cars?