What kind of car should i buy my teenager?

Answer On One Hand: Choose an Affordable CarWith such a wide range of cars on the market, there are many choices for low-cost, well-built cars. Choose a car that is within your budget and runs well. Als... Read More »

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What camera is the best kind to get as a teenager?

AnswerBudget, Type of photography, skill level; all these matter. There are several different types of cameras but the most popular are digital and 35mm. digital are mostly point and shoot with som... Read More »

What is something a teenager should never try?

What bed size should a teenager have?

The length of all beds are the same, except extra long twins. Colleges have extra long twin beds.They are for people six foot ten. Twin beds are fine for teens.Most people I know had them.

What should i have in my room teenager im a girll help?

Add shelves or tall bookshelves. Then you can put a bunch of stuff in cute baskets on the shelves/bookshelves. Get under bed storage. Look below for ideas, or try making a virtual room at www.myweb... Read More »