What kind of car is megatron from transformers?

Answer a type of car from a dealer far away in neverland

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Who is megatron in transformers?

Megatron is the leader of the Decepticons, evil robots from the planet Cybertron from the "Transformers" cartoon, movies and toys. There are several versions of Megatron which exist in alternate re... Read More »

What kind of car was the old Bumblebee in Transformers?

The "Bumblebee" character in the original Transformers cartoon was a Volkswagen Beetle. For the 2007 Transformers film, Bumblebee was redesigned to be a Chevrolet Camaro. At the beginning, the char... Read More »

What kind of car is sunstreaker in Transformers?

What kind of car is Bumblebee in Transformers?

In "The Transformers" comics, animated television series and 1986 animated film, Bumblebee turns into a Volkswagen Beetle. Director Michael Bay changed Bumblebee's vehicle mode to a Camaro in the ... Read More »