What kind of car does Shawn drive in psych?

Answer Shawn doesn't have a car, he drives a motorcycle. Gus's car, however, is a blue 2002 model Toyota Echo hatchback.

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Will Shawn Spencer and Juliet O'Hara get together on Psych?

Romantic tensionProbably near the end of the show's run. At least the third season. But they will insert teasers to keep fans/shippers watching and waiting.... If they did get together before the e... Read More »

On the TV show Psych what 1980's TV star plays Shawn's father?

What was the song Shawn was playing in Gus' car right after they get it out of the shop in the Psych episode zero to murder in sixty seconds?

It's by a group called White Men Can't Crunk called We Ballin. Hear it at their MySpace page at

In Psych what car does Lassiter drive?

It changes throughout the series. But he's been driving a black Ford Fusion most recently.