What kind of car did Matt Houston drive?

Answer An Excalibur

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What can my gf and I do in Houston for a different kind of date?

go to the zoo, take here out to japeneiros and then go out to richmond and watch thte stars

What kind of grass seed grow best in shade in houston?

St. Augustine would be your best bet. It is a shade-tolerant warm season grass variety.

How long is the drive time from houston to louisiana?

The trip from Houston, Texas, to the border of Louisiana via Highway 10 takes about two hours. The 113-mile drive follows Interstate 10 through such cities as Channelview, Beaumont and Orange, Texa... Read More »

What are some great restaurants between Downtown Houston and West Houston Meeting a good friend for lunch?

What type of food do you like/hate? How much are you willing to spend? How far west?You didn't give much to work with - from downtown to West Houston ALMOST covers all the best restaurants in town... Read More »