What kind of candy was this?

Answer It's Wazoo candy. See.…

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What's your fave kind of candy?

umm... this is a hard one since i love all sweets. I would say a dove chocolate bar does wonders for my mouth. I also love twix, baby ruth, butterfinger, m&m's, gummy bears, and jolly ranchers...oh... Read More »

How to Fry Your Favorite Kind of Candy Bar?

Candy bars can be fried to increase their over-the-top flavor and crunchiness. Of course, this is extremely unhealthy, so save it only for a once-in-a-blue treat.

What kind of wrapper is used for payday candy?

Candy wrappers, including PAYDAY wrappers, are made of mostly polypropylene: a plastic-like substance. To make the candy wrapper, the polypropylene film is stretched until it reaches maximum streng... Read More »

What kind of candy attracts the most kids?