What kind of camera was introduced in 1900&how much did it cost?

Answer George Eastman introduced the Brownie camera in February 1900. Eastman Kodak, called Eastman Dry Plate Company until 1892, sold the Brownie for $1. The Brownie was particularly popular with consume... Read More »

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What year was the nikon 40x digital camera introduced?

Non si puo collegare un DVD con una macchina fotographo per vedere limagine

WHAT KIND OF CAMERA CAN DO PICS LIKE THESE I am getting a camera today!?

Canon PowerShot SD1000has a setting on the camera to do the color thingthats the camera i have and i love it ! :)…

What kind of camera do you recommend looking for an easy to use camera with a good picture .?

by 'easy to use' you mean like a point-and-shoot?As far as image quality, durability, and overall customer satisfaction, I'd recommend:>>Nikon S Series:…>... Read More »

What Germany camera company revolutionized the world of photography in 1930 when it introduced 35 mm film in a canister?