What kind of camera is this?

Answer Ur link isnt opening :(

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What is a good camera for this kind of filming style?

Hi "HYD", and welcome to Yahoo!Answers: The YouTube video was produced by South Florida event & production company "Headliner Market Group", and is obviously a multi-camera shoot headed-up by pro-s... Read More »

What kind of video camera records light, or anything, this beautifully in the dark?

Yes, it should be cmos based I can tell you that.UV comes out green or brown on a CCD because ccds only cover 30 percent of the human visible light range.....while CMOS chips cover 95 percent of th... Read More »

WHAT KIND OF CAMERA CAN DO PICS LIKE THESE I am getting a camera today!?

Canon PowerShot SD1000has a setting on the camera to do the color thingthats the camera i have and i love it ! :)…

What kind of camera do you recommend looking for an easy to use camera with a good picture .?

by 'easy to use' you mean like a point-and-shoot?As far as image quality, durability, and overall customer satisfaction, I'd recommend:>>Nikon S Series:…>... Read More »